Saturday, January 26, 2008

So Sorry --- so terribly sorry!

I am SO SORRY little boy
Little boy who you once were. I am so terribly sorry, even though I did not know you as a child.
Today you are a beautiful young man, with a black hole where your heart was supposed to be
I have walked to the edge of that hole and tasted the tar.
Once I fell asleep next to you and I woke up sick, from heavy dreams of disaster, and a strong urge to hold you, keep you safe --- and a confusion over the evil of human beings
I AM SO SORRY that they took your humanity away from you. I look into your eyes but I can't find your soul there.
But I can't slay your dragon. Only you can.
Please try.

Friday, January 25, 2008

The Desicion

What a desicion
to make
I feel like a Goddess
and my Divine Husband and I
decide to split the apple
and put the seed
in the ground
And in time
branches will hang
over our heads
heavy with golden apples
because of this
of desicion.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

With bells on

I am not ready am not
but the Universe slams its doors
Little feet over floors at night
whispers Mummy
Mum can I sleep in your bed
But I am not ready
am not!
But the big clock says soon to be twelve Cinderella.
Soon thirty
just don't know it yet
lady with pram wanders by
creek creek
And along sings
my ovaries somewhere inside
with bells on
But christmas is over.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

A very special day for my very special girls!!

A day late in august was a very special day for two of my nieces in Egypt... I took them to the swimming pool! Neither of them had ever been to the pool before. There are lots of them in Luxor but they belong to the hotels, so it is not so easy for local kids to use them. But this day was ours...! I had brought swimsuits from Norway, and it was so lovely to watch them having fun and getting used to the water.

It should be a right for all children to learn how to swim.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Say NO to corporal punishment!!

In Norway, corporal punishment has been illegal since 1987. I hope this will spread.

Children are small humans. Why are they to be treated with less respect?

It is our duty to teach our children the difference between right and wrong. We should not show them that violence is tolerable.

Children can be taught through communication and understanding - please never try to control your children through fear.

Thank you .

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

"Mummy - I saw an angel!!"

A couple of years ago I was very active on a Norwegian internet forum discussing paranormal phenomenon. During this time there were a lot of young parents posting there sharing their stories, telling about what their children saw and said.

A lot of them talked about imaginary friends. Some had a name, others were just referred to as "The lady" or "the nice man", the common answer parents got when they asked who, was "My friend.."

If your child told you something like that, what would you say to him or her? What if we really have spiritual guides or guardian angels? I believe we do! What if children are open and innocent enough to see them and talk to them? Indeed there are angels standing around every cradle.

As kids grow up they seem to forget their mysterious friends. Maybe it is us who deprives them from this ability. I have a girlfriend my own age who vividly remembers seeing her secret friend as a child, but for logical reasons she thinks it is her imagination running wild and that she made him up.

I think if she did, she would have remembered making him up as well!!

I hope when our children tell us about their companions, we can be curious and encouraging. So many people spend a lifetime tryingto contact their spiritual guides. Maybe they don't have to loose that ability from the beginning.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Queen of the Two Lands!!

Say hello to a beautiful little girl, Minna! She's five years old and born in Luxor, that once was Thebes, capital of ancient Egypt.

Don't let those innocent eyes fool you... Even though she looks like a flower, she acts like a monkey sometimes, she's so curious about everything... high and low is the wonderful Minna - making her "aunt" very nervous!!

We are not sure about the details and formalities yet, but either way Minna and I will be very important parts of each others lives... And I hope in the future she can visit Norway with me, so she truly can be; "The Queen of the Two Lands"..

Friday, October 5, 2007

To be chosen for parenthood...

We often talk about how we choose to have children. Choose to get pregnant, choose to give birth. But what if it's the other way around, that childrens souls choose to come to us? That every mother, every parent, is chosen by a soulwho wants to incarnate into this world.

When you got pregnant, maybe the child came to you in your dreams, with love and a request: Will you carry me into this world, and will you take care of me? Will you make me able to live on the earth?

And maybe you accepted. Maybe you felt honoured. Because no honour is greater, and no responsibility bigger... And no gift more precious, than parenthood.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

They forget who they are...

We are "raising" our children. What are we raising them to? Do we let them be what they are and who they are?

Of course we are responsible for them. We have to teach them politeness and manners. We need to be responsible adults, but what does this mean?

For example, I don't think it's responsible to push a girl into being a lawyer if she's got her heart set on being a carpenter. It is NOT healthy for a young boy to join the football-team if he is determined and passionate about painting and drawing.

It is NOT our children's job fulfilling OUR dreams!!

Please! Never use the words irresponsible or stupid towards your child. Never frown at their interests or friends. Never laugh at their ideas and thoughts.

You are stealing their potentials, they forget who they are! Please let us all try to respect the fact that every child in this world is an unique being, an independent soul on its own, individual journey in this world.

We are so lucky to have them with us for a while. Remember they don't come FROM us but THROUGH us, so let us try to be worthy of their trust.

Friday, August 17, 2007


What is Luxor4care? It is a charity that supports orphanages and disabled children in Egypt. It was founded after members of the Luxor4U internet forum discovered that children live under terrible conditions in the middle of this extremely popular tourist town.
it is important to emphazise that the staff in these orphanages and the children's parents do their best but they don't have the resources to fill their childrens needs.
It makes us very happy to know that a small effort can make a huge difference in a child's life. It is possible to support luxor4care through donations, sponsorship, or simply by spreading the news!
Please visit the website: and read more about what we have achieved and what we plan to do in the future.
(This blog is an open forum dedicated to children. Author's opinions may differ from the ones of Luxor 4 care.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sparrow's nest (On abortion)

This happened when I was a child. I was playing in the forest with a boy of same age. After a while we found a sparrows nest in a tree. We stood under the nest looking up at it. We saw the birds close by, but they kept a distance as long as we stood there.
Then my friend decided he wanted to climb up to look into the nest. He did. He toughed the nest. Told me the eggs felt warm, he asked me: Do you want to see?
I did. He brought me the egg and I closed my hand very carefully around it. He was right. It was warm. "Take it back" I said and wanted to give him the egg. But instead he squeezed my hand. I cried out. I felt the egg crush in my hand.
I opened it and saw a tiny naked bird. It moved a little. and I could see it's hart beat beneath the pink skin. I cried and cried. In the end he took it and threw it in the creek.
I am not against abortion. But it's certainly nothing for me.

Childhood Memories that hurts 1

Most of us have a lot of memories from our childhood. Happy memories, beautiful pictures from the past. But not all memories are so joyful.
Do you have any memories that really hurts? Something you prefer not to think about?
I have two.
The first one is about my father. I was my fathers princess. He taught me a lot and shared everything with me... Took me places. One day he made fun of me. It took me a while to understand what he did... Then I raged. I was just so dissapointed and angry.
The second memory i want to share with you is somewhat more serious. I think I was five years old. I was certainly not in school yet. Our nearest neighbour had three sons, all of them older than me. We were in a friends' playhouse in the garden. First they were sort of playing doctor with my friend, we were same age. Taking her trousers off , looking down her panties et cetera. I remember she giggled.
Then it was my turn.
The two younger ones held my arms and legs. The eldest one sat between my legs. Then it happened. What I don't want to remember. I think I screamed. And I remember bleeding in the toilet after. I was so scared.
Still, almost 25 years later, I remember. I see him once in a while. I think about it every time. A childs' wounds heals very slowly sometimes.

...And then he went back home...

I once went to a clairvoyant healer... During our session she suddenly said: We are not alone here, you have a brother who follows you, he is tall and blonde with curly hair...And I said: That's right, I have a brother, he is 22, tall and blonde.She laughed... Not him, you have a brother who was supposed to be born two years after him. His name is Elias. But he is with you, close to you. He watces over you. He grew up in heaven or, as we say, the other side... He is really radiant. Loving soul. You are lucky, she said.I asked my mum. Her face was really funny... We had a match; She had an abortion two years after my brother was born. He was concieved... And then he went back home. Changed his mind. Was not ready.Two years later I visited a second clairvoyant. She is channeling. She said: You have a brother who is watching over you. And he allows me to tell you a secret; He will come back to the earth - as your son.
Wonderful news! Welcome back Elias - I love you already.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

A letter to my unborn children!

Dear loved ones,
I think there are three of you, Dear children, I hope you are all right and that all is going according to our plan.
I know you are preparing, and i am preparing too. I am trying to make the best possible environment for you to grow, unfold, and fill your potentials.
I am so exited! My tears well up when I think about how much I already love you. It will be the three greatest moments in my life - when I hold each one of you in my arms for the first time.
There are three promises I want to give you: You will be allowed to be who you are. You will always be loved. And your life will never ever be boring!!
Lots of love - Your mummy!